Boy Blue co-founder Michael Asante talks about mood boards, making connections and that curious title

There was a time, not so long ago, when it would have been unthinkable to open the Edinburgh International Festival programme and find a hip-hop dance show in there. The days of street corners and warehouses being the sole domain of breaking and popping may be behind us, but acceptance by the ‘establishment’ has taken over 40 years and is still a work in progress.

When Boy Blue Entertainment won an Olivier Award for its 2007 show, Pied Piper, the company carved its way into the mainstream with a successful UK tour. Ten years later, an invitation to the 2017 EIF with Blak Whyte Gray sends a clear message to the dance community: as Boy Blue co-founder Michael Asante puts it ‘hip hop cannot be ignored’.

Composer Asante and choreographer Kenrick Sandy set up Boy Blue in 2002, with the aim of creating hip-hop dance productions that elevated the artform to its rightful place. As co-artistic directors, both have fed equally into the work over the years; but when it came to Blak Whyte Gray, it was Asante who set the ball rolling.

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